F2F Class Notes 19 April (Eddie)

Softwaremake it sound like “soft-wear”, not “soft-were”

productsstress on first syllable not second

reliable – something is reliable when you can count on it (in our example, Apple computers)

CAD – computer aided design

difficulty – problem, issue

when I stayed at Thailandwhen I was in Thailand

On Fridays I’ll (usually) go out with my friends, have dinner etc

On Fridays I would (usually) go out with my friends, have dinner, etc – used to describe an action which happens (or used to happen on a regular basis)

I’m having a party tomorrow – used to describe an event in the future

sidewalk – the path alongside the street where people (pedestrians) walk

the whole country forbid these motorcyclesbanned (to ban)

Is forbidden to swim here. Swimming is banned.

It is forbidden to drive here. Cars are banned from this area.

to commute – to go back and forth between two locations such as home and work on a regular basis

my parents were worried about the safety of memy parents were worried about my safety

incommunicado – without any means of communication

pronunciation of th – tongue between your teeth