F2F Class Notes 18th November (Tony)


I left liyang last june

the government wants to take advantage of this land


throw the book at someone – to punish someone to the maximum extent, for every rule that they have broken e.g.: “They threw the book at him when he got caught cheating on the test, so he was kicked out of university.”

follow up – to get more information after the first part. e.g.: “The interview had no follow up questions, so it was very short and without detail.”

ample – more than enough or a good amount of sth. e.g.: “They finished the project with ample time leftover to double check everything.”

detail-oriented – to be focused on details e.g.: “Allison is very detail-oriented, she never forgets the small steps.”


leave – (leev)

live – (l iv )

Exercise: Ask an interview question, then ask two follow up questions.

Q: Why did you apply for this job?

A: Because my friend referred it to me as a reliable company.

Follow up Q1: What makes you think our company is reliable?

A: Because I’ve heard there are many satisfied clients.

Follow up Q2: Which comments about our company impressed you?

A: I was impressed that nearly all the clients think you are punctual and professional.

Q: Do you think you are competent for this job?

A: Yes I believe I have ample experience and a motivated attitude.

Follow up Q1: In which areas do you have ample experience?

A: I have great experience with customer service and deadline management.

Follow up Q 2: Have any customers given you compliments about your service?

A: Yes, they always thank me being detail-oriented?

After you apply for a job it might improve your chances to get hired if you follow up with the company.