F2F Class Notes 18th March (Celeste)

go home / leave / finish

Ex: When my boss isn’t at work I can go home earlier. / When we finish this class, I will go home.

Ex: When my boss isn’t at work, I can leave earlier. / After I finish this class I will leave to meet my friends.

Ex: When my boss isn’t at work I can finish earlier.

quite ( kwIIIt) – (really really really) completely something Ex: quite good, quite nice, quite horrible

Ex: This is quite a horrible accident.

Ex: There are quite beautiful beaches in Phuket.

Ex: Sherry is quite a lovely student to teach.

quiet  (kwuh III it )- to not be very loud

Ex: Please be quiet we are in a hospital.

Ex: We should be quiet in public because it is a good habit.

Ex: I wish my apartment was quieter. There is a lot of noise from the cars below.

One person spends from five thousand to ten thousand RMB per month.