F2F Class Notes 18th July (Harmony)***

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*** Re-read the article with the pronunciation, work on fluency while reading and make sure no extra words are added.  Watch for pronunciation on I’ve/we’ve/it’s.


Reality (ree – al – ih – tee)

Figured (fig – yourd)

Brilliantly (brill – e – ant – lee)

trust (truhst)

refused (re – fewsd)

Surprising (sur – prize – ing)

Stomach (stum – ack)

Aisles (eye – el):  a walkway through something.  (like in the market between the shelves).

Eg.  During the wedding, the bride walked down the aisle with her father.

Mundane (mun – daine):  boring (adj.)

Eg.  Monday’s are very mundane.

Infinitely:  significantly, by a large amount

Eg.  I am infinitely happier when I come to SE.

Separate (sepp – rit):  not together (adj).  too keep apart (verb)

Eg.  The lovers separated.


adolescent (add – oh – less – sent):  someone who is still maturing.

Eg.  The adolescent boy was clumsy due to his growing body.

Eg.  When I was an adolescent I thought I would be famous when I grew up./  I thought I could make my dream come true.


Adolescence (add – oh – less – scence): the age between puberty (12-13) and adulthood.

Eg.  My little brother is going through adolescence.


Groceries: food, daily necessities that you buy at a market.  (plural)

Eg. I have to go buy groceries.


Grocery store (grow – shur – ee):  market.

Eg.  We buy a lot of food from the grocery store. 

Toxic (tahk – sick):  deadly, poisonous.

Eg.  Every Monday I will have a toxic attitude about work./ I will bring my toxic attitude to work.

Drain:  to empty (usually of water).

Eg.  Drain the water out of the sink.


Draining:  the act of emptying. (draining of energy/tiring)

Eg.  I spent the day with 5 year olds, it was really draining.

Dim/Dimming:  to turn down the brightness.

Eg.  Dim the lights, it makes it more romantic.

Drag/dragging/dragged:  pulling along the ground, pulling down.

Eg.  He dragged me out of the office.

Assure (ah – shure):  to state with confidence.

Eg.  When I stay with him or her, I’m feeling assured.