F2F Class notes 18th July (Eddie)

I should prepare a lot of things before he coming – I need to prepare a lot things before he comes

I should = a good idea

I have to = there is no other option / choice

I need to = it is necessary

I must = can not be avoided

E.g. My office is 25 miles away from my house. Every morning, I have to take a bus, a taxi and the subway.

Inter- vs intra-

Internet vs Intranet

Q: How did you do? = How did you perform?
A: I came in second. / It was a disaster, I came in last. / I did great, I won first prize. / It was a joke, I was disqualified on day 1.

to disqualify = to eliminate from a competition

to kick someone out = (informal) to eject from a team, a competition, venue etc
to be kicked out =                                    “

John got kicked out of the apartment for not paying his share of the bills.
John got kicked out of the team for not doing his part / pulling his weight.


Thomas was kicked out of the competition for wearing non-regulation protective gear.
Maria was kicked out of the band after missing seven rehearsals in a row.

in a row = one after the other, without interruption or break

to gauge = to assess, to measure