F2F Class Notes 18th July (Celeste)

Eating Special Food Notes


I’m not the type of person who always try new food. My diet is always very simple. One special food quite impress me is French snail.

I normally don’t try new foods.
I’m not very adventurous when I eat.
I’m a picky eater.

simple / easy / basic / light

One special food that quite impresses me are French snails.
I think that French snails are / escargot is ( S car go )  quite unique.

France (country) / French (people or things)

The place / location / restaurant that we ate that course/dish…

special / interesting / unique / different / weird / awkward / bizarre /strange

packed ( pack t )

special vs. specialty

usually – ***please push hard on the ‘zh’ ( you zh ull ee )

If you pick them up / pry them off the ground and put them back at the starting point, they have to spend a lot of time to crawl/slide back to the same spot again.

I was never interested in watching my food. For example, I never took the time to watch a chicken, duck or cow.
But, when I was younger I remember being interested in watching snails.


But my friend said the french snails at that restaurant really deserve to have a try as the south french especially good at this course.

But my friend said the french snails at that restaurant is something we should definitely try because it’s a specialty / well-known / popular / famous dish in this region / the South of France.

juicy adj.

It is more like a travel experience for me. –

It was more like a one time thing for me. I wanted to try it because it was a local food and an authentic experience. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do