F2F Class Notes 17th May (Celeste)

in the morning I’m at the office and in the afternoon I’m busy with clients – future

this morning I was at work – past

this morning I went to work – past

worksheet – please remember the ‘sh’

I don’t have an idea

I dont have any ideas

In the summer, I will be busy at work because I will update the forecast from July to October.

I didn’t send the resume

I didn’t send my resume to the intended companies

I didn’t send my resume to the interviewing employers/HR department

resume  ( rez uhh  may ) – please remember to open your mouth more for the ‘u

Cartier – (car tee ay) [French pronunciation]

I never go to Japan

I don’t never go to

I have never been to Japan

I’ve never been to Japan

I’ve never gone to Japan

I want to visit heem

I want to visit him

They only saw on wechat

They only saw the two girls on wechat

They only saw each other through wechat

I called you on wechat

I texted you through wechat

to text/ texting/texted – to write a message

Celeste is American, she is from America.

Only in the festival we can meet.

We can meet only in the festival.

We can meet during public holidays.

We can get together during public holidays.

Usually he came to my house and we take a meal together.

Usually he comes to my house and we have lunch or dinner together.

take a meal together = very chinglish, please remember to be more specific

Is breakfast ready yet, mom?

Let’s go have lunch!

I’m hungry, it’s time for dinner.

I need a snack, I’m starving.

starving – extremely hungry