F2F Class Notes 17th March (Celeste)

What are your weaknesses?

Maybe I’m not that good at presenting. It can be trained/progress/improve. I am willing to progress/improve.

I prefer to working by myself. – I prefer to work by myself.

stick in the mud (expression) –  stubborn

What are your thoughts about teamwork? Which role do you take: leader, team player or stick in the mud?

What’s your favorite building?

What’s your favorite architecture style?

What inspires you?

What is your favorite city?

I went out for college. – I left for college.

We lived in the hotel. – We stayed in the hotel which was by the water.

We could see everything from the sunrise to the sunset.

We could see the whole scenery without any obstructions/disruptions.

I am skilled at computer programming. – I am proficient in computer programming.

knowledgeable / skilled / proficient / professional / expert