F2F Class Notes 17th July (Peter)


(Original – corrected)

In Mid-Autumn Festival – during Mid-Autumn Festival

The burning incense – the burning of incense

July 30th in Lunar calendar – July 30th of the lunar calendar

With different ways – in different ways

The evening pray – the evening prayer

They don’t to be inserted into a burner, they should be stick into the soil – they don’t need to be burned in a container, they can be stuck directly into the soil

Every plants – every plant



Syrup – 糖浆


When we add –er to a comparative word (bigger, smaller, etc.) we should not place the word “more” in front of it.

The word incense is not a countable noun. We shouldn’t say “many incenses,” but instead “many incense sticks.”


Birthday vs Birth Date

The word birthday can be used to speak casually, while the words birth date are used to speak about someone formally or with respect



30th (thurr-tee-ith)

Syrup (SEE-rup)