F2F Class Notes 17th July (Peter)


(Original – corrected)

It’s looks very nice – It looks very nice

It’s nice to meet you – it’s nice to see you [again]

If two people met – if two people meet
I didn’t hear this beforeI haven’t heard this before

It’s very embarrassed – it’d be embarrassing/I’d be embarrassed

Which company you will go – which company will you go to

Her told someone else – she told someone else

Which is the first thing shocked you – what did you find most shocking

Staring on you – staring at you



Synonym – two words with the same meaning

Interchangeable – able to be switched out for each other

Ex. The words “pants” and “trousers” are synonyms.

Frequent – verb; to go to often

Ex.  I frequent the grocery store often.

Traffic Circle – a circular street intersection, also called a Roundabout or a Rotunda.

Carousel – a children’s ride that goes in a circular direction, also called a Merry-Go-Round or a Roundabout.


The expression the grass isn’t always greener on the other side refers to the fact that often the alternative option ends up worse than the original choice. For example, let’s say you have a job that you dislike and you are thinking of quitting to find a better job. I can say the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, meaning that perhaps your next job will be worse, so it’s best to remain.

Napkin vs Paper Towel vs Tissue vs Toilet Paper

Napkins are used while eating, paper towels are used to dry hands and clean spills, tissues are used for the face, toilet paper is used in the restroom.

Flip-Flops (人字拖) are also called Thongs (Aus.), Slops (S.Africa), and Jandals (N.Z). Regular 拖鞋 are called sandals.

The word fishy is used to means “suspicious.” We often say that something is fishy or something smells fishy to indicate that there is a reason to be suspicious.



Embarrass (im-BEAR-iss)