F2F Class Notes 17th July (Jesse)

bartender – only for sb who works at a bar 

barista – a professional who makes coffee at a cafe 

coffee ground – after coffee beans are made into small pieces 

coffee powder / instant coffee 

grind / ground (verb) 

eg. i will grind the beans, and after they’re ground, they will be called coffee ground 

physio-therapist < > chiropractor 

eg. i went to a chiro last week 

posture – how you sit / stand / move 

eg. my posture needs to be better when sitting at my computer

pose – how you stand / shape your body 

injure – hurt yourself (professional) 

cardio < > 

carbohydrate / carbs = tan shui hua he wu 

eg. don’t eat carbs for breakfast 

fast / fasting – to not eat 

Diet: you fast for 16 hours from the time you finished dinner. when you break your fast, you can’t eat carbs for your first meal.

yoghurt – yo gert 

can you get some you get ? = wrong / Judy

can you get some yoghurt? = correct

exercise machine