F2f Class Notes 17th February (Rab)

Psychology – the study of how people think
-ology – a suffix which means “the study of”
Ex. At university I studied psychology
Ex. Psychology is a very difficult subject to talk about

Psychological – to do with psychology
Ex. I like psychological thrillers

Thriller – a type of movie which is exciting
Ex. Is silent hill a thriller or just pure horror

Psycho – a crazy person
Ex. This horror movie is about a psycho who kills women

It is a Thailand movie – it is a Thai movie/ it is a movie from Thailand

The shadow of a ghost
I know what you did last summer

An instant camera, a polaroid camera – a camera that take photos which are ready to look at withhing minutes of taking them

The story of Rikki – rikki-o! – a terrible but funny horror movie
American horror story – TV show

Puzzle – a game which you must try to solve, a challenge or problem which is confusing and difficult to solve, a logic game
Ex. I bought a book of puzzles for my little brother to play on the long journey home
Ex. This newspaper article is really puzzling as it doesn’t say a lot of details that I want to know (confusing)

Tights – long socks that are often worn by women and are often dark colour 
Baseball cap – a type of hat with a hard section on the front for the sun 
Gloves – clothing for the hands