F2F Class Notes 17th December (Tanya)

mythology – a set of fantastic stories that are associated with a particular group

e.g. Thalia is a name from Greek mythology.

all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy (idiom) – people need time off from work to relax, otherwise they’ll become bored and sad


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to trick someone – to prank someone

e.g. Placebo effect sometimes involves tricking people to believe something so they become more optimistic.

grateful – thankful

e.g. In the story about the golden apple, the goddess is very grateful that she was chosen as the most beautiful one.


he will meet a traffic jam – he is going to be in a traffic jam

when I was child – when I was a child

one person if don’t believe the doctor – if one person doesn’t believe the doctor

The king of Troy holding a ceremony – the king of Troy was holding a ceremony


magic – medsjik