Open F2F Class Notes 17 May (Eddie)

I saw a story from the Internet a few days agoit’s about a two-year-old German shepherd. He became a hero because he rescued a seven—year—old girl when she was confronted by a rattlesnake. He jump back and go forward three times and he was just holding his ground. At lasthe was bite by the rattlesnake and it costed a lot of money to be recovered . The girl’ family adopted him two months ago from a rescue centreand they called him perfect dog.

I read a story on the Internet a few days ago about a two-year-old German shepherd named Fuzzy. It became a hero because / when it stopped an attack by a rattlesnake on a seven year-old-girl. It kept jumping back and forth and holding its ground until the girl was able to run away. Eventuallythe rattler managed to bite Fuzzy, which resulted in very expensive treatment for his owners. / or Eventually, Fuzzy was bitten by the rattlesnake which ended up costing his owners a lot of money. The girl’s family adopted him two months ago from a rescue centerand they called him the perfect dog.

bite – bit – bitten

Ex: Dogs sometimes bite.
The dog bit the boy.
The boy was bitten by the dog.