F2F Class Notes 16th May (Celeste)

hand it in / turn it in / hand me your homework <> to give to a teacher/professor/boss

hand in your homework

turn in your thesis

I need to hand in my thesis to my professor before I leave for vacation.

I handed in my thesis. <> I handed it in.

I use ‘on’ for days and ‘at’ for time.

The party is on Saturday at 7pm.

We have a class on Monday at 11:20am/in the morning.

I use ‘in’ for months and years.

In the month of July

In July

In 2016

I was born in 1991 on March 23rd at 6am.

I was born in 1994 on April 21st at 11:47am.

1st – 10th  <> the beginning of the month

rent is due at the beginning of the month

11th –  20th <> middle of the month

we will have a party in the middle of the month

21st – 30th/31st <> end of the month

At the end of the month we will go to Thailand.

How many French can you speak?

How is your French?

How many French words can you speak?

How many years have you been speaking French?

How many conversations can you speak in French?

I’m interviewing for several companies. Two of them are in Japan, one is a security company and the other one is a trading company.

There is only such kind of company in Japan.

There are several companies like that only in Japan which are consulting businesses.

My job is about teaching. > My job is teaching adults buiness English.

Your job is about consulting. > Your job is consulting businesses.

company <> business / firm

Japanese trading firm

consulting marketing business

If I start work in a Japanese company my career path will be all in Japan.

If I choose to work for a Japanese company, my new life will be in Japan.

If I choose to work in Japan, I will need to move to Japan.

I will leave from my Chinese friends.

I will leave my friends in China.

really – emphasis on the ‘ee’

rarely – r air ly