F2F Class Notes 16th May (Celeste)

reed diffuser – like a perfume bottle with reed sticks that spreads aromas in the air

diffuser – usually electronic or with candles that diffuses essential oils with water into the air

bring it back full circle/come back full circle (figure of speech meaning to go back to the beginning topic)

What have you been up to? <> what have you done since I have seen you last?

Is there anything new? <> Anything new? / Anything new with you?

nothing to write home about

I don’t know how to shape my eyebrows.

draw on eyebrows ( when sb doesn’t have eyebrows)

ex: I draw on my eyebrows everyday.

fill in eyebrows ( when sb needs to draw a small part of the eyebrow)


ex: We use tweezers to remove unwanted hair one by one.

ex: I tweeze in between my eyebrows.

You don’t makeup often?

You don’t do makeup often?

You don’t wear makeup often? (negative)

Do you wear makeup often? (positive)


eyelash curler

fake eyelashes / falsies

wig – fake hair

I am lucky because I am girl because I can wear makeup to cover/hide/conceal my flaws/imperfections

hyper pigmentation – when the skin changes to a darker color after too much sun or after a pimple/zit

pimple/zit – everywhere

blackhead – usually on the nose

whitehead –  usually on the chin

to mature / maturing / matured > get older

pain in the butt <> annoying

move your butt

you’ve got a nice butt

swear / bad / curse / cuss words

ex: When my mom was very mad at me, she would swear at me. She would yell a lot of swear words.

ex: When my mo was very mad at me, she would curse at me. She would yell a lot of curse/cuss words.

ex: The man cursed at the waiter.

ex: The woman cussed out the server. [native]

to swear  = to promise

I swear I will be on time to your party.

tv show = tv series