F2F Class Notes 16th July (Jesse)

retirement home – the place you let old people live

what do you want to be when you grow up? i want to be a _____ when I grow up
eg. my son said he wants to be a fireman when he grows up

watch – sth moving
eg. he’s watching everything go past

looking at everything – using his eyes

looking at the view

feel like = i want
eg. i feel like some coffee

feel = your emotion description / I want
for everything else, just use “i am ____”
eg. I am hot today so I am tired
eg2. I am feeling a little bored, so I might just go home

he focuses on the view on the way to the museum / when we are on the way to the museum

we had to arrive at the museum 10 minutes earlier than the play was going to start

i drank the coffee
the coffee was drunk by me

the play was started. – passive sentence

the play will start at 9:30, so we will arrive 10 minutes earlier.
the play was going to start at 9:30 so we had to arrive 10 minutes earlier.

i am going to start tomorrow = will
I was going to start yesterday = i wanted to but couldn’t start