F2F Class Notes 16th July (Jesse)

28 degrees (Celcius) = UK / Australia / China

105 degrees (Fahrenheit) = USA

i bought something that I don’t know how to say

I have been shopping for 2 weeks = how long shopping?
I started shopping 2 weeks ago = when did you start?

keep going – continue = ji xu

say – to speak words
eg. Jesse always says “how are you?”

talk – to use language with a person
eg. Jesse talks to Penny using English

speak – the ability to use language with a person
eg. Penny can speak English and Chinese, but she speaks English slowly

tell – to say something to sb
eg. Jesse tells Penny to review her notes

jesse wants to borrow 100 rmb from penny = take
penny will lend 100 rmb to Jesse = give

it will rain soon
it will go
i will do
i will run
it will be going
it will be doing
i will be running
recently i have been studying english every day

how long have you been living in shanghai

when I finish class i will go home
i went to australia yesterday
I have been living in china for 5 years
I have lived in China for 5 years
I am living in China now
I started living in China from July 2010
I finished living in Australia in June 2010

Yesterday I went shopping and I bought something. I have been shopping for 5 years. I started shopping when I was 12 and now I am 18. I went shopping with my friends and we arrived there at 1pm, and started shopping at 2pm. We went to 3 shops, and first we went to Zara for half an hour and tried on some clothes. When I was trying on some clothes she was looking at me and saying “you look nice”.

how many people – ke shu
how much money – bu ke shu