F2F Class notes 16th July (Eddie)

Last night I went to bed at midnight, but I only fell asleep at 1 AM.

Recently I  have been interested in political news.

Donald is very happy with his beautiful wife, [INSERT NAME HERE].

to be born into money = to be rich from birth, to be born into a rich family

healthy = in good health or good for health
wealthy = rich

countable =/= uncountable

to freeze =
1. freeze (V1) / 2. froze (V2) / 3. frozen (V3) /
1. everyday 2. yesterday 3. have + V3 before



1. I always freeze my vegetables.

2. I froze vegetables yesterday.

3. I have never frozen (V3) fruit before.


1. I eat dumplings every day.

2. I ate dumplings yesterday.

3. I have eaten many dumplings before.


1. I see an old gentleman riding a bicycle every morning.

2. I saw him yesterday.

3. I have seen him many times before.