F2f Class Notes 16th February (Rab)

Role – your position in an organisation, the obligations you have
Ex. My role in the business is to keep everyone working hard

We haven’t buy the uniform yet – we haven’t bought the uniform yet

Eclectic – chaotic and without a clear reason
Ex. My grandmother is really eclectic and is forever going on strange holidays with odd hobbies

Chaotic – like chaos, mayhem, a state of disruption and disorder, out of control
Ex. His room is chaotic as there is stuff everywhere

Sleeve – the arm section of a shirt or jacket 
Collar – the neck part of a piece of clothing 
Seem – the place where parts of material are joined together

Socks – clothing worn on the foot
Boots – strong and often tall shoes

Shoe laces – the string to tighten your shoes with
Soul of the shoe – the bottom