F2F Class Notes 16th December (Tony)


my client got angry with me

I just took over

They just changed with our boss, but not officially 

a British company responded to us

they wanted to discontinue one character

her position is higher than mine

I don’t know if they are unhappy


they also have a factory in Britain


dilemma – a situation where there is no solution, don’t know which one to choose

eg: “Artists often have the dilemma of selling work that is not their best, but the client prefers it.”

budge – to move slightly or change your opinion, even a little bit

eg: “He won’t budge an inch on the issue.”

dropped the ball – to make a mistake that affects the group

eg: “It sounds like a few people dropped the ball and made the situation very complicated.” “They never gave me the ball, I never even saw it.”

put your foot down – to not change your mind

eg: “I’m putting my foot down, no more free lunches at work!”

stern – serious and calm

eg: “He sternly refused their request.”


Pets rock- PetS (wait)  Rock