F2F Class Notes 16th August (Celeste)

day trip – one day trip

Pronunciation work:

dietary ( die i tair ee )

supplements ( supp pluh ments )

vitamins – *** please remember the ‘v’

problem ( praw blum )

unregulated ( un reg you late id )

failure ( fail yer )

urged ( urg d)

linked ( link t )

said ( sed )


Millions of people take dietary supplements thinking they are healthy. New research from the American organisation Consumer Reports (CR) found serious health risks from vitamins and weight loss pills. The biggest problem is they are largely unregulated. Medicines have to be tested for safety, but supplements need much less government approval. Consumers are in the dark about what’s in supplements and what they do to the body.
The CR report showed the dangers of supplements. They can cause liver and kidney failure, transplants and heart problems. A report editor said it’s not necessarily safe because it’s not prescription. She urged people to avoid 15 ingredients in supplements because of the deaths linked to them. She said people should see a doctor or pharmacist before taking supplements. She said: “Treat it like a medication….It’s really about your health.”