F2F class notes 16 August (Christian)

export = send from one place to another

eg: China is a big exporting country.

Import= Receive goods from a different place

eg: Island countries import a lot of goods.

manufactured = Made, created

The cost of hiring staff, is more expensive than before.

living in Ningbo is cheaper than shanghai= The living expenses are less than in Shanghai

destination= the place you are going to


Henan is big county that population is more than 100 million. The Most people leave them village to work every year. In these cities, Guangdong is one of city they choose, but now It have a little changing with time. In the lasted about ten years,They did some work like robot repeat every day.


Henan is big province with a population of more than 100 million.

Most people leave their villages in spring to work every year. Of many cities, Guangdong is one of the cities they choose to work in, but now it has changed a little  with time. In the last ten years, they’ve  done repetitive work like robots, day in day out. In the future I think these jobs will be replaced with robots, as the cost of staff will be more expensive therefore its more cost effective to use robots instead of humans.