F2F Class Notes 15th May (Dan)

Needs more review

(From class with Tanya 14th of May)

Listen to the recording.

At first, Minaj wanted a fan to join her at a music show. Another fan asked her to pay for his college fees. Minaj has sold 20 million singles around the world as a solo singer. A newspaper called her the most important female rapper ever. A fan called her caring and generous. 
to ask someone out – to ask someone to go on a date with youe.g. Hey, do you wanna go out with me?

tuition – 学费

Israel – 以色列

fee – 付款 something you have to pay

A-grades– very good grades

grades – 成绩


Carnival/ Meet – A gathering of people for a common purpose. Meet is usually for a more relaxed gathering compared to carnival which usually explains a gathering that is a larger celebration.
e.g. “Today my school will host a swim meet, it is part of the sports carnival.”

Opinion – A view on an idea without finite knowledge.
e.g. “I don’t know why they have so many opinions on how to organize the lunch.”

Propose – To form or put together an action or intention. Typically used for formal documents or to ask for a persons hand in marriage.
e.g. “He proposed to her” (marriage implied)
e.g “I proposed to my client, we shift funds from one investment to another” (I formally suggested…)

Wealthy- To have a lot of a valuable resource.
e.g “My friend was attracted to him because his wealthy.”
e.g “The library holds a wealth of knowledge”

Secret- To keep hidden from knowledge or view.
e.g. “My friend asked me to keep a secret”


Opinion-  Op-in-yeon

Speaking exercise

Take a party in our shop – (Change verb) 

I am not a new student, so we cant do that.  so we don’t have to do that. 

He has/won the class money is in her here , so she can buy it too. – 

She won money in the class, so she can buy it too. (needed the additional information as we discussed.)