F2F Class Notes 15th December (Tony)

Make a statement – to say something that is not a question. just a normal sentence.

eg: “Please make a statement about the quality of our product.”

Put Out a Statement – make a statement available for everyone to see.

eg: “Companies need to put out a statement if there is a negative news story about them.”

state v – to say or write something

eg: “Please just state the facts, not your opinions.”

about time – something is later than it should be

eg: “It’s about time Samsung made a statement in China about the Note 7.”

a matter of time

eg: “For a country to get the Olympics is all a matter of time and money.”

ahead of one’s time – to be more advanced than others around you.

eg: “Van Gogh was way ahead of his time.”

avante-garde – ahead of it’s time

eg: “Avante garde music is often appreciated more after the artist has passed away.”

Indie – independent

eg: “Indie music is not really independent anymore.”

every once in a while – sometimes but not often

eg: “Every once in a while I go shopping, usually around the holidays.

from time to time – sometimes but not often

borrowed time – a time extension, something has lasted longer than it should

eg: “When is he gonna finish the project, he’s already on borrowed time.”

masculine – manly

eg: “American football is a very masculine sport.”

feminine – womanly

eg: “All men have a feminine side.”