F2F Class Notes 14th May (Celeste)

it suits you

talking about clothes/shoes color, style, size:

it fits you

it fits you really well

it fits me

it’s suitable <> it’s appropriate, it’s ok

I think you can wear it with jeans or shorts

it’s too short to wear as a dress

1 piece:

jumpsuit – top and pants connected, 1 piece

romper – top and shorts connected, 1 piece

dress – can be long or short but starts at the top and goes down

maxi – a long long dress, from the shoulders to the feet/floor

bottoms = 1 piece below the belly:

skirt – can be long or short but starts from the belly

pants/trousers, jeans, shorts

shorts = small jeans/pants usually above the knee

tops = 1 piece on top:

sweater – usually thicker material than a t-shirt, usually worn in autumn and winter

short sleeve t-shirt = t-shirt

long sleeve t-shirt – when the part on your arms is long and goes to your hands

ex: Howie wears short sleeve t-shirts in the summer and long sleeve t-shirts in autumn/ in the fall and winter.



boxers / briefs

long johns / thermal wear

first to last: long johns > long sleeve t-shirt > sweater > jacket

for clothes, we say sth is made with cotton (plant, common)

made with /of wool (sheep, special)

ex: my sweater is made of wool

in spring/in the spring

in summer/ in the summer

in autumn / in the fall

in winter / in the winter

Howie will start school in the fall. <> Howie will start school in autumn.