F2F Class Notes 14th January (Jesse)


beauty salon – mei rong yuan
eg. im going to the beauty salon today to get some basic skin care

my skin problem is not heavy – i don’t have a big / serious skin problem / my skin problem isn’t very serious 

i have a hormone imbalance / my hormones are imbalanced 

skin doctor – dermatologist 

cosmetologist – costmetic doctor / plastic surgeon

make my skin be sensitive make my skin red / have spots
i have sensitive skin so if i use cream then it will cause my skin to react and spots will appear

pores – the tiny holes all over your skin
eg. clog my pores

my skin is lack of water – my skin lacks water
my skin has a lack of water

scar – a mark / spot after breaking skin
eg. my problem is scars

BA = beauty adviser


who – describes a person directly / indirectly
eg. the person who teaches me English is Jesse
eg2. I have a friend who is from China
eg3. I have a friend who I met in Australia

eg. I have a computer which is made by Apple.
eg2. I just got a new job which makes me happy.

eg. I went to a cafe that is near my house
eg2. I went to a cafe that I really like

where – place

when – time

why – reason