F2F Class Notes 14th December (Tony) [1]


cold – K-Old

called – Kal-led

Hair – He-Air

here – heeRe


appearance – the look of something

eg: “I think you all have a good appearance.”

expression – a look on someone’s face that show’s how they are feeling or what they are thinking eg: “You can tell he’s angry because of his expression.”

veal – baby cow meat eg: “Some people think eating veal is cruel.”

steak – a thick cut of meat eg: “I like my Steak rare.”

ground – to grind eg: “Hamburgers are made of ground beef.”

pork chop – pork steak eg: “We’re gonna cook some pork chops for dinner.”

pick out – 1. to select from a group of things eg: “You need to pick out something to eat, so we can order soon.”

2. to remove some unwanted parts or pieces eg: “My food was too spicy, so I had to pick out all the chillies.”

Jalapeno – a spicy green pepper used in Mexican food often

eg: “Jalapenos taste good on everything.”

Green Pepper – a large not spicy pepper, called capsicum in Europe.

eg: “Green peppers are very healthy for you.”

by the book – to follow the rules strictly

eg: “Our new boss is really making us work hard, he wants everything done by the book.”

Cut corners – to skip some steps or rules

eg: “Many people can’t live by the book, they usually cut corners when they can.”

in moderation – to control the amount of sth. not too much or not too little.

eg: “Anything can be bad for you, if you don’t do it in moderation.”