F2F Class Notes 13th November (Peter)

Corrections (original – corrected)

Your clothes are so summer – you’re dressed as if its summer

He looks not very like a gentleman – He doesn’t look/seem like a gentleman

There’s some information exposed on WeChat – there’s some information posted/published on WeChat


Vocabulary 词汇

Understatement – a statement that does not show how bad or good something truly is

Ex. Trump is a monster. An understatement would be that “Trump doesn’t seem too nice.”

Expose – to reveal, usually something that was hidden before, like a secret.

Marginalized – groups of people that society does not care as much about

Ex. The Gay community, people of colour, religious minorities.

Status Quo – the way that things are done

Xenophobia* – fear of what is different or foreign

*Note: A Xenophobe is a person with xenophobia.

Grammar 语法

The meaning of “as if,” “as though,” and “like” is all the same.

Pronunciation 发音

Xenophobia (zeh-no-FOE-be-ah)