F2F Class Notes 13th May (Celeste)

get/got the offer

accept/accepted/take/took the offer

sign up

sign up for a membership

ex: sign up with our gym and get a 1 year membership for free

signed the contract/offer

sign off – when you’re leaving a conversation usually something tech related

text mesage: signing off for now, ttyl, have a good night guys

sign in/out <> log in/log out – access to email, skype, wechat etc.

ttyl = talk to you later

the clumps fall down on cheeks/into sb’s eyes

I didn’t get the contact lens> I don’t have my contacts (eyes)

we have things

I have dark hair

you have blue eyes

if you have an allergy to ____, you are allergic to _____

5 o’clock shadow –  when a man shaves in the morning, and his hair starts to grow back around the evening

smack – open hand

punch – close hand

surgery – c section

create/start up/ build/commence/make