F2F Class Notes 13th January (Tony) [S]


Q: As a freelance architect, how many projects do you take on at a time?

A: I think 2 is an extreme number of projects to handle at the same time.

Q: And how long does each project last?

A: The projects I have just finished lasted a few weeks or a month. (Previous)

A: The projects usually last a few weeks to a month.                             (Usually)

The Exorcist – a person, usually a priest, who will exorcise the demons that possess a person’s body.

eg: “Most exorcists in the real world are frauds.”

Speaking exercise

Tell me about some cultural differences you had when working with foreign colleagues.

In China a lot of people like to count age by years. Our parents usually say that you’re 23 now and you have to find a partner even though one year ago when we were in college they only asked us to focus on studying more than finding a partner. And then at 28 or so, they expect you to get married because you are at that age. I’m so confused why people are expected to do something when they are at a certain age. I think it’s never too late to do anything. From some of my foreign friends I found out they don’t care about age that much. For example one of my friends wanted to further his studies by getting his master’s degree, even though  he’s over 30. There were a lot of difficulties for him to conquer, but the last difficulty he needs to face is age.