F2F Class Notes 13th December (Tanya)


To wash ashore – when something that has been floating around in the sea washes ashore, it means that it arrives on the beach

e.g. A lot of jellyfish wash ashore

shore – where the land touches the sea

e.g. The shores of Italy are very famous for their beauty.

To topple over – to fall over

e.g. Swift’s bike toppled over when she drove around in Thailand.

plastic surgery – surgery to make you look better or more beautiful

e.g. A lot of the transgender people in Thailand have gotten plastic surgery to make themselves appear more feminine.

to embarrass someone – to make someone feel awkward

e.g. At the transgender show Swift went to in Thailand, they’d frequently call guys on stage to embarrass them.


to watch a show – to watch a television show

to go to a show – to attend a live show of something


I like watch television series – I like watching television series

Better if when they’re young – Better if they’re young

I didn’t go to a lot of places – I haven’t been to a lot of places

I’ve never went down to the sea – I’ve never been down to the sea