F2F Class Notes 13 June (Peter)


48 bases – 48 sites

One boss is Hong Kong guy – one boss is from Hong Kong

The president of Asia-Pacific – the president of the Asia-Pacific branch

Official for women is less pay – women are paid less for office work

Many Japanese company – many Japanese companies

They should not measure about the gender – they should not inquire about gender



Hierarchy – chain of command, order of people by power

Patriarchy* – a structure of power that favors men over women

*Note: especially recently, this word has a negative tone

Coworker – someone that you work with, colleague

Cursive – a script of connected letters

Curve – not straight

Ex. Be careful, the road curves right.


Syllable – the smallest part of a word

Ex. The word “today” has two syllables, the word “tomorrow” has three syllable.

Prejudice* – to judge before knowing

Ex. It is very prejudiced to say that all women want to be housewives.

*Note: prejudice is similar to racism, expect it does not have to be based on race.


Equal pay for equal work = women should be paid the same amount as men who are doing the same job


Report (rih-PORT)

Hierarchy* (HIGHER-arr-key)

*Note: this word has four syllables

Recently (REE-sint-lee, make sure to pronounce the “L” sound)

Equality (ih-KWALL-ih-tee)

Prejudice (PREH-jih-diss)

Women (WIH-min)

Woman (WUH-min)

Coworker (KOE-wurr-kurr)