F2F Class Notes 12 June (Peter)


I just take the umbrella – I just brought my umbrella

I think my pronunciation is a little problem – I think my pronunciation is a little problematic

I don’t have confidence – I’m don’t feel too confident

I felt a little problem – I felt that I was struggling a little

A lake by people made – a man-made lake

Railway – subway/metro

You’ve never heard it – you’ve never heard of it
Ride bicycles – ride their bicycles, ride their bikes

Catched – caught

50 piece of the fish – 50 fish

How weight was it – how heavy was it




Fishing pole – the tool used to go fishing

Fishing line – the string attached to a fishing pole

Hook – the small, sharp piece of metal at the end of a fishing line

To cast (verb) – to throw out a fishing line

Sharp – pointy, able to cut skin

Shark – 鲨鱼

Tip – the very end of something

Ex. The tip of the pencil was very sharp.

Bait – something to attract a person or animal

Persuade – convince


Hear something vs Hear of/about something = 听什么 vs 听什么说

How [adjective] is it/she/he?

Ex. How heavy was the shark? The shark was about 60 kilograms.


Lake (“A” as in “bake”)

Pole (make sure it doesn’t sound like poor)

Hook (“OO” like “roof,” make sure it doesn’t sound like hock)