F2F Class Notes 11th February (Ben)


handmade 手工

fully booked

The classes were fully booked.

信封 an envelope

a red envelope

an ink pen 钢笔

looks = how you look

Girls often pay attention to their looks.

Good looks can make a good impression.

finish doing

I haven’t finished (using) my previous card (yet).

On vacation, on holidays

They will go to HK on vacation.

皇帝 an emperor

Puyi was the last emperor of China.


The Cinderella-like story is set in 18th-century Qing dynasty during the Qianlong Emperor‘s reign. It follows tomboyish and innocent Xiaoyanzi, originally an orphaned and semiliterate vagrant in Beijing who, after befriending the emperor’s illegitimate daughter Xia Ziwei, becomes a princess by accident.