F2F Class Notes 11 June (Peter)


This morning I wake up at 9 – This morning I woke up at 9

To watch the TV – to watch TV

I will go to home – I will go home

[I will buy the dress] for party – [I will buy the dress] for a party

My family likes there – My family likes it there

They have been to there about twice – They have been there twice

I don’t know speak – I don’t know how to say [it in English]

I want eat fruit – I want to eat fruit/I’d like to eat fruit



Metro – subway, underground train

Convenient – Easy to work with, 方便

Style – Appearance, 样子

Factory – A place that makes things, 工厂

Wood – a material made from trees, 木

Timber – 木材

Change – 变化

Expensive – 贵

Cheap – 便宜

Mango – 芒果

Coconut – 椰子

Coconut Milk – 椰奶

Lemon – 柠檬

Beach – 沙滩

State – 州


I will go to* home – I will go home

            *Note: When we talk about home, we don’t need to use the word “to”


Dress (“E” as in “egg”)

Father (remember to pronounce the “TH” sound clearly)

Ticket (TICK-it)

Mango (“A” as in “at”)

Coconut (KOE-kuh-nut)

Unwind (“I” as in “wine”)