F2F Class Notes 11 June (Peter)


First day, I… – On the first day, I…

After, we walk again – After, we walked again



Dragon Boat Festival – a Chinese holiday in honor of a poet, 端午节

Poet – a kind writer, 诗人

To meet up with someone – to get together with another person

Ex. On the first day, I met up with my friend/my friend and I met up.

Utensil – something used for eating

Ex. Forks, knives, etc

Occasion – a special time or event

Aggressive – rude or mean, 侵略的

Passive aggressive – being

Accent – the way that a person pronounces words*

Ex. He has a British accent, but I have a Chinese accent.

*Note: to describe an accent that is difficult to understand or is extreme, we use the adjective “thick”

U.A.E. – the United Arab Emirates, 阿联酋

Percentage – percent of something

Ex. In the U.A.E., the locals only make up 20% of the population.

Fast – to not eat or drink (verb or noun), this is the same “fast” in “breakfast”

To stuff your face – a casual way to talk about eating as much as you can

Ex. People stuff their faces at buffets.


In Chinese, the verb喝 can only be used transitively (喝什么), but in English, the verb to drink can be used both transitively and intransitively.

Ex. If you say “to drink” without saying what you are drinking, it means drinking alcohol.

When you use the phrase “to walk around [somewhere],” adding the place is optional.

Ex. You can say either, “we walked around the city” or “we walked around” and both imply that you had no destination


Poet (“E” as in “egg”)

Work vs Walk* (the “OR” sounds like “urr,” the “AL” sounds like “wall”)

*Note: The words “walk” and “wok” (炒锅) have the same pronunciation.

Culture (CULT-sure)

Palestine (PAA-luh-stine)