F2F Class Notes 10th Nov (Tom)


Minutes – notes taken in a meeting

e.g. I recorded the minutes from today’s meeting

Headquarters – main office

e.g. My company’s headquarters are in Shanghai

Chorizo (Cho reet zo) – spanish sausage

e.g. My favourite food in Barcelona was chorizo

Calzone (Cal zone ee)- folded pizza

e.g. I especially liked the calzone when I visited Italy

Architecture – the design or style of buildings

e.g. the architecture in London is very beautiful


In morning – In the morning

they are very gentleman – they are very gentlemanly/they are real gentlemen


German – Germany 

e.g. I would love to go to Germany on holiday

Price of living – Cost of living 

e.g. the cost of living in the US is much lower than the UK

UK Dollar – Pound 

e.g. The currency of the UK is the pound.


Bridge – Bri-j