F2F Class Notes 10th May (Celeste) [3]

3: review + check HW / review class 2 new vocabulary + grammar / pronunciation focus + free talk on topic


Hebei’s main staple is wheat.

baozi = buns

hamberburger buns

hotdog buns

stones/rocks – hard things found on and in the ground


If I didn’t eat rice all day I feel bad. One specific food of Hebei I like it very much. It’s called roast duck eggs. It’s cooked by stones and fire. It was the first time that I ate this style of eggs. It’s different from Chinese traditional duck eggs. It’s less salt than that eggs.


ear lobe – the soft part of the ear, to want sth in return, get my hair done, beforehand < > afterwards


I pierced my ears for 4 times on my earlobes.  The reason why I didn’t get my ears done on my ear cartilege is that I think it’s bad for my ears. Beforehand, I get my hair done in the barbershop and then it can looks shiny. I will get my nails done in the nailshop. It can makes me shiny afterwards.


I pierced my ears 4 times on my earlobes. Beforehand, I thought piercing my ears on my ear cartilege is bad for my ears. I get my hair done in the hair salon and then it looks shiny. I will get my nails done in the nail salon. It can make my nails shiny afterwards.

barbershop = for men

hair salon = for women

hair done = styled / colored / cut / permed / conditioned (when hair is very dry)/ washed

salon = usually a place that offers 1 service, only hair or only nails

spa = a place that offers more than service

fingernails done = manicure

toenails = pedicure