F2F Class Notes 10th July (Peter)


We’ll be driving in a field – we’ll be driving in a lot

Especially me, who loves water sports – Especially for me, since I love water sports

As soon as you get the hang of the stuff – As soon as you get the hang of it

We went skydiving – we went parasailing



Parasailing – to fly with a parachute as a boat pulls you forward

Skydiving – to jump out of a plane

Aquifer – underground tunnels of water

Sinkhole – a large hole that opens up in the ground because an underground tunnel has collapsed

Hardhat – a hard, usually orange hat given to construction workers

Harpoon – a large hook at the end of a rope or wooden staff, usually used to catch sea creatures

Invasive – something that enters and takes over a place it should not be

Ex. In southern Florida, pythons are an invasive species.

Anaesthesia – something used to make sure that a person is numb