F2F Class Notes 10th December (Jesse) [1]

Vocabulary for next class in orange below.


because + sentence

because of + a noun

because – middle of a sentence
as – start

but – middle
however – start

Writing exercise

I’m a dog lover
I have / own a 16.5 year old dog named / called Joe. I’ve had / been raising him since / from the time / from when he was one month old, so moving / relocating / uprooting and moving to Shanghai and putting / leaving / keeping him at a dog hotel was a difficult / tough / terribly hard / heart wrenching decision. When I was saying goodbye to him I cried / teared up / sobbed / bawled, but my friend said dogs live in the present moment / in the now.
I can / am able to / have the ability to communicate with him telepathically and he understands / comprehends and accepts / acknowledges the situation / his circumstances / the position he’s in. Dogs are amazing creatures in that they can read human minds through our voice and facial expressions, but they also know how to challenge our limitations / push our buttons , just like kids / children.
I will make the most of my time / try to get the most out of my time / with him . I can’t wait to go / I am looking forward to going back to Taiwan next Tuesday!


from the time 

heart wrenching 
sob / bawl
in the now
try to get the most out of my time with sb / time somewhere

he only has eyes for me = he loves me only

beauty is in the eyes of the beholder = beauty is subjective

subjective (based on opinion) < > objective (based on fact)

he is 16 years old / he is a 16 year old dog

When I was saying goodbye to him I cried.
When I was saying goodbye to him I was crying.