F2F Class Notes 11 Mar (Trista)

Jessica Y

Pollen –the yellow stuff that flowers put out – what bees eat
Plants release pollen to build new plants.

Allergic to something –
Trista is allergic to soybeans.
I might be allergic to some uncertain pollen.
I might be allergic to some type of pollen.
I’m uncertain what type of pollen I might be allergic to.

When you are allergic to something, you might break out into hives. –
Red bumps/spots everywhere

Blemish – red bumps on your face and maybe back/chest/neck
My face is breaking out = I have so many blemishes right now

Itches (v.) / itchy (adj)
Hives are very itchy and I want to scratch them.
Hives itch very much.

Allergic reaction –
I had a mysterious allergic reaction to something when I was in middle school. I broke out into hives and they itched very badly. I still do not know what caused it.

Bloom (v.) – when flowers grow/open
When the spring coming flowers blooms.
When Spring is coming, flowers bloom.

Caterpillar –毛毛虫

Cocoon (n) – the house that caterpillars make to live in while they transform into a butterfly

Turtle – wu gui – land or water
Tortoise – only land
Sea Turtle – only the ocean

Shirt – make sure to put the “r” sound

She put off her shirt
She took off her shirt

Hibernate (v.)– sleep for a very long time- usually the whole winter – no eating
Bugs / Insects
These are animals that go into hibernation.

I also like eat fish
I also like to eat fish

That’s not the fish I like eat
That not the kind of fish I like to eat

Some fish are aggressive towards others so they might chase them away to protect their area.

Dolphin – doll fin
Dolphins are not like other fish because they breath oxygen. This is because they are not fish, they are actually mammals, just like humans. This is also true for whales.

I make mistake
I made a mistake