F2F Class Notes 10 Mar (Trista)

Business License –yingye zhi zhao

The company stamp shows that the business has a business license.

I am shot a bird

I shot a bird

I am shooting a bird

A criminal shot me.

I will to die

I will die

Chinese women very like

Chinese women like him very much

Chinese women really like him

Arrow – air oh

Someone  who need to take care

Someone who needs taken care of

Someone who likes to take care of others.

In Chinese tv show

In Chinese TV shows

Rabbit – tu zi – 兔子

Society – 社会

They was needed

They like to feel needed

It let them felt good

It lets them feel good

I can to take care beautiful girl

I can take care of a beautiful girl

They felt themself useful

They felt that they were useful

They feel useful

Whether they are men and are women they are all of independent

Whether they are men or women they are all independent

Independent <>dependent

Dependent on something

People are dependent on water to live.

People depend on water to live.

Some couples become dependent on each other when they are dating.

Depends on – 依赖于取决于

He bought this flower is depends on the girl like it.

The flowers he will buy depends on what the girl likes.