F2F Class Notes 1 Mar (Trista)

In the morning…

I cleaned my house in the morning and polished the floor.

In the morning I cleaned my house and polished the floor.

When I’m in the college –

When I was in college…

When I was in college my favorite subject was Chinese Culture.

My favorite subject when I was in college was Chinese Culture.

In college my favorite subject was Chinese culture.

When I was in college I didn’t live on campus / I lived off-campus.

I didn’t live on campus when I was in college.

Dormitory/dorms– su she

Something happen make me a little worried –

Something happened that made me a little worried this morning.

I am a little worried when that thing happened.

I was a little worried when that happened.

I’m a little worried that if she can’t go to work, then she can’t get paid.

Lower back

Threw out her back

When we tried to move the TV she threw out her back.

She is a part time job for me – zhong dian gong

She works part time for me.

She gets paid per hour. <> she gets paid a salary.

Hourly pay <> Salary

Apartment complex – xiao qu

Our apartment complex recently installed some mailbox-looking things with old newspapers in them to pick up after dogs when they go to the bathroom.


Reside (v.) – live

She need a rest –

She needs to rest for a couple of days.

She needs a couple days rest.

Brush up on… – review

I need to brush up on my English.

I will go to gym tonight –  

Ill go to the gym tonight

I’m going to the gym tonight

I plan to go to the gym tonight.

I’m planning on going to the gym tonight.

Air quality

AQI – air quality index