F2F Class Notes 09 May (Eddie)

This week I have off Wednesday and Saturday – Last week I had Wed and Sat off

I am a real estate agent, my work changes – As a real estate agent, my schedule fluctuates.

When we say that something fluctuates, we mean that it changes.

An income which fluctuates is different every month. Sometimes it is high, other times it is low.

Sometimes is – sometimes it is

it depends – we use this verb to express how something changes based on fluctuating circumstances (situation) (Example: Q: What do you do on Saturdays?

A: It depends. If it’s nice and sunny, I’ll go to the park. If it rains, I’ll stay at home and watch TV.

fluctuating (income) =/= steady (income)

optimistic (adj) =/= pessimistic (adj)

Someone who is optimistic is hopeful and excited that good things will happen.

Someone who is pessimistic is sad and scared that bad things will happen.

I also isI also am (I’m optimistic person, too.)