Open F2F Class Notes_26th may (christian)

Commission: eg sell a house and then get some money for selling it.

Impossible = it can not be done/ I want to learn how to fly, but its impossible.

One way= Fly from Shanghai to London

Return= Fly fro mShanghai to London, then From London back to Shanghai.

Money is not high= Money isnt a lot/ The salary isnt very high.

A time that you were very nervous? a few days ago, I introduced the retirement community to my colleagues and managers during meeting time. I felt very nervous and had a lot of speaking to do in Chinese. So the introduction was terrible. I practiced many times by myself and wrote it out. A few days later ,when I spoke again, I still felt nervous, but it was better than the time before. I think when I want to speak well or present in front of many people or if I don’t understand fully, I will be more nervous than usual.

Note: be careful with using past, present, and future tenses 🙂