Email review 7th May

I went to see an exhibition these days. It’s about the display of the”earlier Mona Lisa” in Shanghai. The show separates into 2 parts, at first, they show you the history of this painting and then you can see the portrait.
I think the first part was more attractive than the painting to be honest. I got lots of info how the experts tried to prove if it is really painted by da vanci. They tried to use different scientific tests, like X-Ray, checking the art history lecture and etc. Someone says it’s not false, if it’s false then all the paintings by Leonardo are false. But some groups holding it have argued that Leo painted the earlier Mona Lisa before the one that sits in the Paris Louver. And the fact that it’s being shown in public display and it’s not going on showing in a serious art museum or gallery is significant in itself. Who knows,