Demo Class Notes (Jesse)

when i meeting with my client i didn’t understanding what he said.

we have together travel but i can’t to say the story of our travel. last year we go to the thailand. we rent a greated hotel and it have a big swimming pool and games room. we play at the beach, big beach and great view.


when i meet / am in a meeting with my client i didn’t understand what they said.

we travelled to Thailand but i can’t say the story of our trip. last year we went to Thailand. we stayed in a great hotel and it had a big swimming pool and games room. we played at the beach, which was big and had a great view.

i did – the past time – specific

eg. yesterday i went to work

i do – normally / often / sometimes

eg. i go to work every day

i have done – the past time – not specific / general

eg. i have been to Japan

i had done – in the past, before something else in the past.

eg. Jesse had been in class for 2 hours before you guys arrived.