Demo Class Notes 24th July (Jesse / Evelyn)


tiao cao – get a new job in the same industry 

industry – hang ye  

thailand – 2 years ago.

i with my many friends to pujidao, island, and play and drink and look ladyboy. they’re so beautiful and body is so hard. and we to si miao but they different like our country’s this, i think they’re interesting. i want to go spain because I think dali, they is my hobby.

9 woke up and drink milk and eat bread and congee and 10 i with my family play majiang. 

i went with my friends to pujidao, island, to play and drink and look at ladyboys. they’re so beautiful and their bodies are so hot. and we went to 2 temples but they are different to / from our country’s temples. i think they’re interesting. i want to go to spain because I like dali.

At 9AM I woke up and drank milk and ate bread and congee and at 10AM I played majiang with my family. 

I looked at a beautiful woman for a long time because I think she is very pretty. 

congee = zhou

at + time 

on + day

in + month / year

different to sth / different from sth

look at sth

talk to / with sth 

reason (yuan ying) 

i come here to learn English. 

I come here for my English. 

iceland = bing dao 

island = eye land 

i with my friends go to play majiang.  – I went with my friends to play majiang. 

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