Class 6 [Memorize / Recite / Sick of / Send out / Score]


memorize / memorizing / memorized / will memorize v. – the action of reading or learning sth many times in order to remember it without looking at it

eg. I memorize my address and phone number every time I move to a new city.

recite / reciting / recited / will recite v. – to say something from memory

eg. When I was a kid in middle school, we had to recite poems in front of the class.

sick of – tired of sth / fed up with sth / can’t handle sth anymore

eg. I’m sick of people pushing me on the subway.

send  out / sending  out / sent out / will send out v. – to mail sth

eg. I will send out my application to find a job. = I will send my application out to find a job.

score v. – to win or gain sth

eg. I found this Italian designer bag for 50RMB. What a score!